The company formerly known as Intema Solutions is now known as React Gaming Group.

After what was described as a “smooth transition period,” the well-known Canadian iGaming company Intema Solutions recently made the announcement that it has successfully renamed itself as the React Gaming Group. Under the RGG symbol, the corporation will run all of its gaming and betting activities, including those involving esports.

The firm has said that the process of rebranding took place without any revisions to the share capital or consolidation of the interests of existing shareholders, despite the fact that the rebranding will result in the common shares being traded on the TSX Venture Exchange under the new RGG symbol and name.


Laurent Benezra, CEO and President of React Gaming, stated that the decision to rebrand the company was made following the company’s acquisition of the eSports betting platform Loot.Bet earlier in 2022. Benezra said that it had been much too long since a review of the organization’s activities in the iGaming and eSports industries had been conducted.


As a consequence of the fact that the acquisition of Loot.Bet has already proven to create considerable money for the company, React Gaming is confident in its capacity to expand its betting and online gaming activities into a range of new and lucrative sectors.


One of the most popular esports betting platforms in the world is called Loot.Bet, and it has more than 500,000 consumers registered with the site. The company’s activities, which include live gambling and internet gaming, are supported by a team of more than 50 capable professionals. Benezra mentioned that the company was planning to launch marketing efforts over the next few weeks in order to enhance the size of the Loot.Bet community (which now has 500,000 members) and, as a consequence, attract new users.


The expansion of the React Gaming Group

The React Gaming Group is currently comprised of a total of five firms with the purchase of Loot.Bet; the other four are Team Bloodhounds, Generationz Gaming Entertainment, Parabellum, and Loot.Bet is the most recent addition to the React Gaming Group. is a social gaming platform for esports that places an emphasis on player-versus-player competitions within the esports sector. The website plays host to a huge number of tournaments, each of which is accessible to the general public and provides prizes in the form of real money to the winners. As players take part in different games, the statistics pertaining to them are automatically updated.


Generationz Gaming Entertainment is a firm that focuses on offering individualized solutions for esports competitions and traditional athletic competitions. Through the use of the company’s services, partners have the opportunity to launch their very own gaming websites, all the while receiving expert guidance from the team of React Gaming to assist them through each step of the process.


The Canadian Fortnite squad known as Squad Bloodhounds wants to encourage connection between players and fans by publishing material across a variety of social media platforms. These platforms include YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.


Last but not least, Parabellum is a professional esports organization located in Toronto, Canada, that competes in games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Rainbow Six Siege, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Rocket League, and a variety of other well-known video games. As a subsidiary organization, the team is in charge of managing Northern Shield Academy. This organization helps players advance their careers in esports and features content creators and streamers from North America.


An important participant in the iGaming industry, React Gaming, is well-known for its dedication to investing in technology that provides gamers with the best gaming experiences that are now attainable. Through the use of insightful data, the company ensures its maximum engagement in the iGaming business, which is experiencing significant expansion at the present time.

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